North Events is a highly specialized communication and consulting agency mainly for the Greek tourism industry, and has been actively promoting traveling to Greece in the greater Scandinavian region over the past 10 years. Its main experience and reputation is from the exclusive tourism & gastronomy fairs for Greece titled “GREKLAND PANORAMA”, in Stockholm.

From the beginning North Events has designed many inspirational promotions and events, including fashion shows, outdoor advertising, tourism roadshows, gastronomy events in large supermarket chains, tourism promotions in IKEA Sweden & major shopping malls, and magazine publishing for all capitals in the Scandinavian region. 

Business events such as PR dinner functions, press conferences and destination workshops for Greek destinations with tour operators in Finland, Denmark and Sweden are also core to the services North Events has been providing for several years and across many different business sectors. From the very beginning the company has participated with stands for Greece in all major international tourism fairs in Malmo Sweden (TUR), Herning Denmark (FERIE FOR ALLE), Helsinki Finland (MATKA), Oslo Norway (REISELIVSMESSEN). 

North Events is the exclusive organizer of the successful exhibitions for Greece, titled “GREKLAND PANORAMA” in Stockholm since 2014, and the respective “PANORAMA” fairs in Poland, USA, Romania and Cyprus. 


Especially for Sweden, tenths of thousands of visitors join the Panorama fairs as they are a true celebration for Greece, where more than 160 exhibitors from the Greek travel industry and all major tour operators from Scandinavia are present. The exhibitions present tourism destinations, hotels and accommodation, airlines, and new travel services and destinations from throughout the Greek tourism sector.

North Events has established its reputation amongst the tourism industry in Greece as well as in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland over a long period of inspiring events and exhibitions which focus on the promotion of the brand name “Greece” to potential travellers. The “PANORAMA” fairs enjoy the support of all major tourism-related government bodies, such as the Greek Ministry of Tourism, including national associations and local authorities of the highest importance. 

North Events – We know Scandinavia Better!

The DESIGN AMBASSADOR is a Communication, PR, Events and Consulting Agency, based in Berlin, with its main focus in Architecture and Design. Other fields of expertise are: Content Creation, Curation & Production of Conferences, Media Relations, Lobbying & Matchmaking.




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